Chapter 1

The air in the room was filled with white streaks of smoke, twirling in the dim light. Loud music filled his ears and the numbing base seemed to have imprinted itself in his brain. The room was crowded as strangers stared at others intently, deciding who they would try to bring home

 They were all anonymous here, a selected group of people. It was a gentleman’s oath they all silently agreed to for their own sakes. No one took pictures or bragged about who they met here. People came alone or with people they previously met. Everyone had a job, didn’t matter on what level or in which sector. Some came back home to wives or husbands after a night of silent drinking. In some way people came here just to be here.

Nobody spoke ill of anyone else, they could barely hear each other over the loud music. Private rooms were located upstairs, switched every half an hour. Enough for a round of anything. Nobody spoke about what they’ve done, even if some took their teasing downstairs in front of the public.

There were no prostitutes or underage people. It was in everyone’s interest to get rid of people like that and ban those who let them in. He rose his eyes, feeling someone’s eyes on him. After scanning the room he noticed someone sitting in the corner staring at him.

It was a woman in her thirties, in an elegant high-end designer dress.  Her eyes were framed by dark makeup. She gestured at him with a light smile, when he picked up her gaze. She was smoking a pipe, which reminded him those used to smoke opium a long time ago. It was heavily ornamented, made probably out of a horn.

He moved between the other guest; making his way towards her. He sat down on the couch next to her.  Their thighs touched when she moved his head towards her. She leaned to his ear. He could feel her warm breath and smell strong, powdery perfume. “It starts tomorrow.” She said quietly, but he heard her loud and clear despite the noise. 

He smiled lightly and stood up. He didn’t have to look around to know everyone was stating at him. They’ve decided a long time ago and nothing would change their mind. They all agreed as one.

He felt hands on his hips as someone led him upstairs. He let the other man push him to one of the rooms. He smiled, feeling a throbing cock of the tall man behind him. He was going to enjoy himself before he carries out the task.